Did You Find a Nest of Snakes?

Snakes are usually solitary Milwaukee creatures. So it’s unlikely that you’ll find a nest with more than one snake in it. That being said some snakes will shack up together to pass the winter in warmth and security. But you won’t find them like that all that often. As we say repeatedly, if by some miracle you do find a nest with a lot of snakes in it, leave it alone. Do not bother them. One snake is a handful to deal with, so a lot of snakes is not something you should look forward to dealing with. If the nest is in your yard and poses a threat, call in the professionals. Always call a professional or the police. If you know of a Wisconsin wildlife professional in your area, give them a call. If they don’t deal with snakes they will more than likely know someone who does. Rather let them come and assess the situation and then take the snake or snakes away safely to a new location. Professionals will know the best way to handle the situation.

Do not try to deal with it yourself or you may be bitten. Most Milwaukee snake bites happen when people try to move or kill the snakes. They will defend themselves so unless you’re 100% sure what you’re dealing with, rather make a phone call.

If you are afraid that a Wisconsin snake might make a nest in your attic or basement the best thing to do it to repel the snake. Close up any little holes that it could use to get in. Make sure that you control a rat or mouse problem in your yard, as abundant food will attract a snake. Also make sure that there are no handy, warm hiding places around your yard and in your attic, or basement for the Milwaukee snake to curl up in. Remember that snakes are reptiles and rely on their environment for their body temperature control.

There are a lot of Wisconsin snake repellents on the market, but research has shown they are a waste of money. Even the mothball story, that the internet would love to have you believe will work, won’t. Mothballs are for moths. Cleaning up your yard, cutting your grass and hedges back and removing garden detritus, that will repel the snake and its prey. So that is a nice easy and low cost way of making sure that Milwaukee snakes don’t try to make your home, theirs.

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